About us


We team of English-speaking students of pupils in the best higher education institutions of Turkmenistan. Each of us has a wide experience of work in tourism, perfectly we know as the city (with all its subtleties) and its history, traditions and culture of the country. Thanks to our experience and activity, we quickly respond to the requests of guests and we build the flexible individual excursion program.


In addition we provide maintenance and interpretation of the personal guide-interpreter.


Without neglecting professional skills we provide:

* perfect foreign language skills or several languages

* ability to be guided in city topography

* individual approach to each client

* knowledge of history, culture, sights and customs of the country


Additional features:

Price policy: We offer the best price for high-quality service in the market round of services of the guide in Kunya Urgench!

Will be glad to help in the best way to plan your travel, having saved thus your time.

About Kunya-Urgench


Kunya-Urgench is situated in north-western Turkmenistan, on the left bank of the Amu Daria River. Urgench was the capital of the Khorezm region, part of the Achaemenid Empire. The old town contains a series of monuments mainly from the 11th to 16th centuries, including a mosque, the gates of a caravanserai, fortresses, mausoleums and a 60-m high minaret. The monuments testify to outstanding achievements in architecture and craftsmanship whose influence reached Iran and Afghanistan, and later the architecture of the Mogul Empire of 16th-century India.